Civil Rights

Civil Rights march
A crowd of people looking serious outside a building and a Pride Flag waving above them all.

Our Common History: Fighting for the Rights of People
by Paige Bradford, Tia Nelis, and Ruthie-Marie Beckwith

What is this paper about?  Over time, members of minority groups have joined together to fight for their human and civil rights. This paper describes the history of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, the LGBTQ Movement, and the Self-Advocacy Movement.

PDF version: Our Common History: Fighting for the Rights of People

The information in "Our Common History" is also available in 7 PowerPoints.

  1. African American Civil Rights Movement
  2. LGBTQ Civil Rights Movement
  3. Self-Advocacy Civil Rights Movement
  4. Civil Rights Groups Using the Courts to Get Things Changed.
  5. Civil Rights Groups Passing Laws And Regulations To Get Things Changed
  6. Civil Rights Groups Taking Direct Action To Get Things Changed.
  7. What Do Three Civil Rights Movements Have In Common?