A Plain Language Toolkit on COVID-19

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is changing our lives in many ways for a while. As of March 9, 2020, SARTAC and Green Mountain Self-Advocates have been co-hosting 2 zoom meetings a week. In response to our conversations, we have created this toolkit about the Coronavirus. It focuses on “need to know” information. Our goal is to for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to have plain language information during this national crisis. There are 9 sections of this toolkit. You can download each section or the entire toolkit below.

Click here to access the toolkit in Spanish

Part 1: Basic Covid-19 Information By And For People With Disabilities

Part 2: Tips For Working With Support Staff During Covid-19

Part 3: Sample Advocacy Letter About Patients with Intellectual Disabilities Having a Support Person With Them When in the Hospital

Part 4: COVID-19 Medical Information Form for People With Disabilities

Part 5: How People On SSI And SSDI Get A Stimulus Check

Part 6: Getting Unemployment Benefits During the Coronavirus Emergency

Part 7: Developmental Services During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Part 8: Coronavirus Plain Language Glossary or Words To Know

Part 9: Know Your Rights: Bringing a Supporter to a Hospital or Doctor’s Office

You can also download the entire toolkit as one document.

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