Learn How to Become a Peer Supporter of a Person who was Abused

We are teaching these classes to help self-advocates become “peer supporters”. Peer supporters gain information and tools during this course that will help them close the gaps between the person who was hurt and the programs that can help them. We don’t want to replace these programs. We just want to make it easier for people with disabilities who have been hurt to get help from these programs.

Class 1: What is a peer supporter and what do they do?

  • What is a peer supporter?
  • What does a peer supporter do?
  • Listening skills and Practice skills

Class 2: Take care of yourself

  • Ideas for taking care of yourself
  • Create a plan

Class 3: Personal Safety for Peer Supporters

  • Personal Space and Violations of Personal Space
  • Trusting your instinct
  • Personal Safety
  • Contacting the victim, Traveling to meet with the victim and Meeting the victim

Class 4: History of the people with disabilities in the United States

  • History of the people with disabilities in the United States
  • Disability rights
  • What history tells us about now

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