Legal Clinics For Self-Advocates – Get Advice about Guardians

Legal Clinics For Self-Advocates–A free, private, confidential session with a lawyer. You have a chance to spend 25 minutes with a lawyer to answer questions and get advice about how to address personal concerns about guardians.

Vermont’s statewide self-advocacy organization, Green Mountain Self-Advocates (GMSA), partners with the Vermont Disability Law Project to organize legal clinics for people with IDD. At these legal clinics, individuals who have a guardian can have a free, confidential session with a lawyer. Before attending the legal clinics, individuals who have guardians typically attend a training and discussion about guardianship, co-facilitated by lawyers and self-advocates. In many cases, this has enabled self-advocates to get high-quality, easy-to-understand information
about alternatives to guardianship, they might not get anywhere else.

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