Love & Inclusion in the Real World: Podcasts With Families

“Two moms.  One dream.  Love and Inclusion in the Real World.”

Love & Inclusion in the Real World is an exploration of inclusion throughout the lifespan, from school to the workplace to community life.  Tena Green & Hettie Hueber hope to expand awareness that inclusion is not just the evidence-based thing to do, but also the right thing to do.  They mix in research with anecdotes and try to be friendly and conversational – rather than controversial – throughout.

Julian Wang visited with us primarily to talk about his life as a young adult whose life is impacted by disability.  He shared his SARTAC fellowship work with us, but also just personal stories of how he has advocated for himself and others. Julian told us about the advocacy work he is most proud of and it was really transformational for me personally in how I am loving and supporting Cora.  He has so many good things to say, we had to visit with him twice!  It was our hope to help listeners see that people with disabilities are talented and passionate and future thinking.  Julian accomplished those things, and more, I think!

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