One Idea Per Line: A Guide to Making Easy Read Resources

This guide was made by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. It will help you write in Easy Read, an accessible format that uses pictures and easy-to-understand language. Creating resources in Easy Read helps make sure that all people with disabilities have the tools we need to understand and speak out about policy that affects our lives.

This guide answers questions like:

  • What is Easy Read?
  • Why should you write in Easy Read?
  • How do you format an Easy Read document?
  • How do you translate Easy Read to Plain Language?
  • How can you work with self-advocates to make sure your Easy Read work is good?

And more!

Creating resources in Easy Read and Plain Language is a crucial way to include people with intellectual and developmental disabilities—as well as English language learners, people with language processing disabilities, and others who benefit from accessible resources—in your work. At ASAN, we have worked closely with people with intellectual disabilities to make our Easy Read words and icons easier to understand. We hope that by sharing what we have learned, we can help more people and organizations release accessible resources in Easy Read and Plain Language.

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