Peer 2 Peer Support Initiative in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has developed helpful information about creating a peer support program. A person who receives services can be hired to be a supporter.

For example, a self-advocate who does a great job managing their money might be hired to teach and support someone how to budget. Or a self-advocate who is skilled at menu planning might be hired to teach and support someone how to make a grocery list and do some cooking.

In the state of Connecticut, people can use funding in their HCBS waiver to pay a peer to support them. Here are links to the information used in Connecticut to promote Peer 2 Peer support

Information about Peer 2 Peer

Individual Information
Peer 2 Peer Brochure
Peer 2 Peer, Peer Support – Getting Support from People I Trust!

Provider Information
Peer 2 Peer, Empowering Peer Support

Waiver Information:
Service Definition – Peer Support

Application to be a Peer 2 Peer
DDS Application links:
Individual Practitioners – Application and Steps to Become a New Qualified Provider

Qualified Peer 2 Peer Practitioners
Peer 2 Peer Support Information Packet
Peer 2 Peer, Peer support Documentation Form

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