SABE CDC Mini-Grant State Projects 2022

Self Advocates Becoming Empowered was asked to help the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to get information to our members about COVID-19 Vaccines.  Priorities were states who had lower vaccination rates and a higher incidence of current outbreaks.
SABE and our partners wanted to make sure people with disabilities are getting the facts about the virus in their state.  We invited self-advocacy groups or organizations to apply for a mini-grant for a COVID Vaccine Outreach Project for their state.

Each project received $4,000 for the resources they created. Here are links to the completed projects.

1. Getting My Child Vaccinated Against COVID-19: Video Series and Resource Sheets for Parents with IDD

2. The Friendship Song was created for “Turning Towards Each Other” a play created during the pandemic at virtual rehearsals. Open The Window: A Disability Culture Benediction – A by a self-advocacy group from their collections called “Poems from the Pandemic.”  This group is from Minnesota.

3. Oklahoma People First COVID Video and Flyers on precautions, testing, the spread of Covid, and the effect of quarantining

4. North Carolina Self-Advocates Talk About the COVID-19 vaccine

5. People First of Georgia Covid-19 vaccine awareness videos: Why It Was Important to Me

6. In the Spotlight: Wisconsin Shining a Light on Covid-19 News

7. Vaccine Superheroes and Take The Shot Vaccine PSAs from Alabama

8. How Covid-19 Affected My Life – 9 videos created by Self Advocacy Solutions and Southwest Institute for Families and Children

9. Vaccinated and Free Videos developed and produced by Florida Self-Advocates Network’D

10. Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Educated (Covid-19 Resources) by Proud Parents of Connecticut

11. Vaccine… the Great Life Saver! This video was created by the Virgin Islands Developmental Disabilities Council

12. Hub Club Podcast – Covid Facts from Illinois

13. Arkansas People First: COVID-19 Video

14. Self-Advocacy Solutions, North Dakota – Covid-19 Resources (song and letter writing)

15. People First of Missouri Covid-19 Guide and Success Story

16. Interview With the Gage Brothers About COVID-19 Vaccination by People First of Tennessee.

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