Voter Education Toolkit

The SABE Voter Education Toolkit is a guide created by leaders in the self advocacy movement to help people teach voter education trainings in their communities. The SABE Voter Education Toolkit includes 8-10 hours of training about registering to vote, voter rights and responsibilities, how to learn about candidates and issues, different ways that people vote, and how to increase partnerships between self-advocacy groups and protection and advocacy organizations.

All of the SABE Voter Education Toolkit and Training Materials are online and you can download and use them in your own training, free of charge.

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Voter Education Toolkit Overview

The Voter Education Toolkit is comprised of the components listed below. The most important item is the Facilitator or Trainer Manual which teaches you how to educate people with disabilities about voting. The other components offer further support to improve your training effectiveness and resources you can use in your training, such as PowerPoint slides, handouts and training activities.

Voter Education Toolkit Components:

2020 PowerPoint Slides

Supplemental Materials

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