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ABLE Accounts

Chris Blake lives in Connecticut and completed a SARTAC Fellowship in 2021. Chris believes having an ABLE account gives you more freedom and independence, and increases your ability to learn, grow and be your own person. Connecticut created booklets that explain how to choose, set up, and use an ABLE account in your state. On…

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Marriage Penalty: What is it?

This is a PowerPoint used by Green Mountain Self-Advocates and Speaking Up for Us from Maine to describe how individuals who receive SSI, lose 25% of their benefits when they get married.  Maine self-advocates provided information about a bill introduced in the US Congress in 2021 that is geared to eliminate the marriage penalty.

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Stimulus Checks and Representative Payees: What You Need to Know

Because of the COVID-19 the government sent $1,200 to people all over the country. This money is called a Stimulus check. This video is for people with disabilities who get social security AND you have a payee. Now having a payee means that somebody else gets your social security check for you each month. For…

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ABLE Savings Accounts

This resource is a booklet, flashcards and links to other resources we found helpful. The ABLE Act is a new federal law passed in 2015.  It allows people with disabilities and their families to set up special savings accounts.  You have to use the money to pay for expenses that have something to do with…

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