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Legislative Advocacy by Self-Advocates in Washington State

These 3 self-advocacy groups work together to educate policymakers on why it is important to self-advocates to eliminate sub-minimum wages for people with disabilities and to close institutions. Here are examples of handouts they created to describe their legislative advocacy.

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What Is The US Census

Join ASAN, SARTAC, and other self advocates to learn about the United States Census.  These resources are about what the census is: what questions it asks, and how you can take the census. Plus, learn why the census is important for people with disabilities. You count, so get counted! There are 3 resources provided: A…

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Invisible No More – Using Strong Relationships to Improve Policy

Kevin Greenstein is a self-advocate from New York and is a 2018-2019 SARTAC Fellow. Kevin created resources for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on how to speak up about issues that are important to us when partnering with policymakers. Kevin worked in partnership with the Self Advocacy Association of New York State and the…

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Developing Accessible Online Leadership Trainings and Resources

Shiloh Blackburn is a self-advocate from Idaho and is a 2017-2018 SARTAC Fellow. Shiloh’s project was creating materials about Developing Accessible Online Leadership Trainings and Resources. Shiloh worked in partnership with the Idaho Self-Advocate Leadership Network, the Center on Disabilities and Human Development, and the Self-Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center to develop these Self-Advocacy Leadership materials.…

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