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The “I” in IEP: Teaching Students to Direct their Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meetings

Ashley Mabry lives in Colorado and completed a SARTAC Fellowship in 2021. Ashley created resources to teach students to be self-advocates in their own Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. On March 15, 2021, Ashley presented a webinar on her project. March 15, 2021 – Click here to get the presentation handout March 15, 2021 –…

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Love & Inclusion in the Real World: Podcasts With Families

“Two moms.  One dream.  Love and Inclusion in the Real World.” Love & Inclusion in the Real World is an exploration of inclusion throughout the lifespan, from school to the workplace to community life.  Tena Green & Hettie Hueber hope to expand awareness that inclusion is not just the evidence-based thing to do, but also…

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Confronting Segregated Education and the School to Prison Pipeline

Jeffrey Johnson lives in Missouri and completed a SARTAC Fellowship in 2020. Jeff created a resource guide on Confronting Segregated Education and the School to Prison Pipeline. This guide helps families to advocate for their child’s education and treatment. On October 15, 2020, Jeff presented a webinar on his project. October 15, 2020 – Click…

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Point of Access: Accessing College for Nonspeaking Autistics Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Samuel Capozzi is a self-advocate from California and is a 2018-2019 SARTAC Fellow. Samuel’s project was creating resources for nonspeaking college students who type to communicate. Samuel worked in partnership with the Autism and Communication Center at California Lutheran University and the Self-Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center to develop these Self-Advocacy Leadership and Policy materials. Handouts (download…

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