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Color Communication Badges

Color Communication Badges are a tool that can be used to make conferences and events more accessible. Participants wear a green, yellow, or red tag to let the people around them know how much they want to communicate. Read our guide to learn more about how to use them.

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Accessible Event Planning

Does your self-advocacy organization have events? Do you or your self-advocacy organization want to learn how to make your events accessible to people with disabilities? This resource guide has information to help with that.

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Planning Accessible Meetings and Conferences: A Suggested Checklist and Guide

This checklist is designed to help any person, group, or organization plan a meeting or conference that is inclusive and welcoming for everyone. It offers helpful suggestions in many areas of event planning, including choosing a location, using respectful language for registration questions about accommodations, and tips on refreshments and meals. Its purpose is to…

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