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Funding Advocacy: a Tool Kit to Assist State Self-Advocacy Networks Increase Financial Independence

Christinne Rudd is a self-advocate from Florida and is a 2019-2020 SARTAC Fellow. Christinne’s project researched different ways self-advocacy groups can raise money to keep operating and supporting self-advocacy. She created a toolkit on which potential funding sources could be useful for self-advocacy networks. On October 22, 2020, Christinne did a presentation on her project.…

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Creating a 12-Week Major Gifts (donor program) Campaign

Watch this webinar (Taught by Andy Robinson, Hosted by Green Mountain Self-Advocates) if you want to build a major donor program from scratch. Andy walks you through planning, implementation and evaluation, step by step. Make a clear message Set a goal Build a gift chart Recruit and train people to ask for donations Identify and engage donors…

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Getting Your Board To Raise Money

In this webinar (by Andy Robinson, hosted by Green Mountain Self-Advocates), we’ll discuss the reasons why it is important for your board members to raise money. We will outline strategies to turn things around. Redefining fundraising: It’s not just asking for money Why people give: The psychology of fundraising Building a board fundraising menu The…

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Grant Writing

Grant writing basics are discussed in this presentation including the different sections of the grant such as budget writing and supplementals. The presentation also talks about keywords that are often used within the grants and what those words mean.

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