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COVID-19 Plain Language Guidance for Employees with Developmental Disabilities

OSHA means the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This government office makes rules to keep people safe and healthy at work. OSHA has rules that will protect workers from COVID-19. This booklet uses plain language to describe many of those rules. It includes information and tools to use to make a decision about going out…

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Know Your Rights: People with Disabilities Can Have a Supporter in the Hospital during COVID-19

Because of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus there are big changes in how hospitals and doctor’s offices work. They are not letting people visit patients. On June 9, 2020, the US Office of Civil Rights made it clear that all hospitals and doctor’s offices must allow patients with disabilities to have a supporter with them. This…

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An Adapted Version of Protecting the Safety and Health of Workers written in Plain Language

COVID-19 Plain Language Resources for Workers Green Mountain Self-Advocates adapted Protecting the Safety and Health of Workers. Each page includes a box with key points in plain language. Green Mountain Self-Advocates is committed to the full inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Getting people back to work is a priority. That is why we created…

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A Plain Language Toolkit on COVID-19

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is changing our lives in many ways for a while. As of March 9, 2020, SARTAC and Green Mountain Self-Advocates have been co-hosting 2 zoom meetings a week. In response to our conversations, we have created this toolkit about the Coronavirus. It focuses on “need to know” information. Our goal is…

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COVID-19 Disability Form for Vermont

Why Should You Fill Out This Form? We are worried that a lot people will get the Coronavirus at the same time. Your hospital may have too many people to help all at once. They may say you cannot have any visitors. Talk to your team. Think about what support you need if you must…

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