Issues in the Lives of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Self-Advocacy is learning how to speak for yourself and make your own decisions about your life. Below are some valuable resources to help navigate and better understand current social, economic and personal issues.

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Recently Added Resources

How Self-Advocates Define “Who’s in Control” of Community Services

September 18, 2021

The big question: are staff controlling people who get services? Staff can “take over” control of someone’s services, even if…

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A Plain Language Guide About Ableism & Violence

August 31, 2021

SARTAC partners teamed up with the Vera Institute of Justice to make a booklet about ableism and violence. We wrote…

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Sharing Your Story for a Political Purpose

August 9, 2021

Telling your story is a great way to make a difference — and because it’s your story, there’s no one…

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